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  • Aceitunas Sarasa

  • Camali kafija

    After years of growth and expansion, Camali is now a huge coffee roasting complex located in Escalona Spain, the Province of Toledo. Camali roasting complex  houses the entire coffee preparation process and distributes the coffee products throughout the country and internationally.

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  • Casa Luker šokolāde

    CasaLuker select the best Cacao Fino de Aroma beans from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, and manufacture the best semi-elaborated products, such as: cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and beans. CasaLuker single origin chocolate couvertures, with their exquisite and particular flavour, are ideal for chocolate products of all kinds. 

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  • Citi

  • Eurovanille vaniļa

    Vanilla is and always has been the most popular flavour in the world. Eurovanille offesr the widest range of 100% natural vanilla products: pods, powders, natural extracts, flavours, concentrates, etc.

  • ICAM

    ICAM produces cocoa products such as: cocoa butter, cocoa mass, cocoa powder and chocolate couvertures both for HoReCa segment and food manufacturers. The recipe of each single couverture has been designed for highly specialized uses, technical performance and taste intensity. ICAM chocolate couvertures are ideal for chocolate bars, pralines, fillings, glazings, ice-cream, etc.

  • Karow

    Heinrich Karow provides ingredients for confectionery, sweets and ice-cream making, such as food flavors and liquid food colorings, concentrated fruit pastes, glucose syrup, inverted sugar, pistachio and hazelnut pastes.

  • La Ablitense eļļa

    La Ablitense produce a wide range of the highest quality oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, seeds oil and pomance oil. There are different sizes available of 1, 2, 5, 25 litres or bulk (available depending of the product kind)

  • Rianxeira

  • Sosa Ingredients

    Sosa Ingredients, S.L. is one of the leading manufacturers of premium ingredients for gastronomy and pastry in Spain.
    The company started out in the year 1967 as a family business producing artisan biscuits and traditional Catalan Christmas products. Afterwards, in the 1970s, Sosa introduced ingredients for ice cream in the product range which has been amplified during the 1980s to an exquisite product line for the ice cream production.
    In the year 2000 the company started with the production of ingredients for gastronomy and pastry with the introduction of nuts. Later on, other products have been added, such as freeze dried fruits, texturizers, natural plant extracts, essential oils and a lot more.

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  • Tradissimo

    Tradíssimo offers the best ingredients of wide range for professionals who are involved in cooking, bakery, pastry and handcrafted ice-cream who are uncorformist and do an everyday search to find new ways in surprising  their customers.

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items